iSim Egypt is a flight simulation training center located in Cairo, Egypt. We provide realistic flight simulation experiences for both individuals and organizations, allowing customers to learn and practice flight techniques in a safe and controlled environment. The center typically uses high-fidelity flight simulators, which mimic the performance and handling characteristics of a variety of aircraft, and provides customers with the opportunity to experience what it’s like to fly a commercial aircraft. In addition to training, iSim Egypt also offers simulation experiences for fun and entertainment. This is a popular choice for aspiring pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and individuals looking for a unique and exciting experiences.

We are the first professional flight simulator to open in Egypt, and one of a few similar venues to open in the Middle East. It is in compliance with the minimum standards for FAA or EASA FFS Qualification. iSim Egypt flight simulator currently offers an Airbus A320/A321 professional simulator experience, with plans of possible expansions.